Sunday, July 02, 2006

Schedule derailment

OK, my to-do list schedule has been knocked completely off-track by the weather. I see that I originally planned to have the electrical work done by now, which would have required having a lot of the stuff moved out of the front and middle rooms by this time. I have not done these things. My focus has been on the psychologically important job of getting the front porch painted, which will have the greatest visual effect overall but has been frustrated by two weeks of nearly constant rain. Getting the steps painted was also important for practical reasons - they were nearly bare wood, almost all of the previous paint having worn and peeled off, and they were exposed to the sun and the rain and continued wear. But I was not able to even get a second coat on the steps until yesterday.

This past week has been mostly occupied with fighting the groundwater seepage that came into our house on Tuesday, and then doing the necessary clean-up and throw-out that comes with basement flooding. My friends who helped me move stuff out of my basement last week will attest that the clean-up and throw-out were long overdue, but the water in the basement meant that this was a problem which could no longer be ignored.

It rained again today - a passing thunderstorm, nothing too traumatic. I hope we're done with heavy rain for a while. I need to get the schedule back on track.

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Jennifer said...

You keep talking about this "schedule", like it's something you're actually going to be able to keep. Hah! You've owned the home how long? And been knocked off schedule how often? I and my two-years of home ownership LAUGH at your schedule!