Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Go visit The Domestic Zoo!

I want to thank everyone who took the time to visit Ashley's Ink On Paper. The response was tremendous, far better than we had hoped - a big special thanks to all the Women In Comics fans who came over from When Fangirls Attack! Ashley's got some new stuff up now, including excerpts from a book she's co-authoring - so go visit again, read it, and let her know what you think!

An old friend from way back, after long urging from many directions, has finally started a blog! She was actually the first person to ever comment on this blog. Unfortunately, I wasn't fast enough to claim that honor on her site - but I did come in second! Her site is called The Domestic Zoo, and if you read her first entry you'll understand why. So stop on over and have a look!


Domestic Zookeeper said...

Yup, it's me. In all my insanity and random thoughts. Careful, I tend to write like Tolkien.... I drift onto a tangent topic for a while, but eventually come back to course. (usually) But it's fun to have Another Monkey in The Domestic Zoo. (ok. bad pun.)

Jennifer said...

Glad to see I'm not at the bottom of the list anymore! :-)

Domestic Zookeeper said...

The best thing about being on the bottom, the only direction left to go is up. =)

D.B. Echo said...

(You know, D.Z., you shouldn't use phrases like that around me, unless you want me to display my true nature! And I think you have been exposed to more than enough of my true nature!)

I'll have both of you know that the bottom of that list is one of the easiest places for me to find a blog! With my mild dyslexia, blogs higher in the list are surrounded by words and letters on every side, all waiting to dance and swing and force me to focus my concentration to find the blog I'm looking for! I actually bumped someone out of the bottom spot once because it wasn't a blog that I added specifically for myself - it was a friend - of - a - friend - of - a - friend blog that I posted for the convenience of the friend. But the general rule is that blogs are listed in the order I added them, so you can more or less recreate my history of adding blogs by running down the list from top to bottom.