Sunday, July 23, 2006

A beautiful day

So much for it raining all weekend. It's beautiful outside today: sunny, cool, dry. A perfect day to mow the lawn. Too bad I have all sorts of Catholic Guilt over breaking the Second Commandment, the one that says something like "Thou shalt not mow thy lawn on a Sunday." I was able to get over it long enough a few weeks ago to paint my steps on a Sunday, but that didn't involve quite as much Sabbath-shattering noise as a lawnmower running for three hours.

This would be a perfect day to take one of my favorite drives: North on Route 29 to Dallas or thereabouts, cutting East and then South again to Agway and The House of Nutrition. Unfortunately parts of Route 29 are blocked thanks to last month's flooding (small creeks and streams chewed up large sections of the roadway), and a titanic storm that roared through Dallas yesterday while I was complaining about being faked out by the lack of guilt-assuaging rain tossed trees and tractor-trailers around like a temperamental Titan's toys in a tantrum. They've probably got that mess cleaned up, but...damn.

Or I could just chat online and on the phone all day today!

UPDATE, 4:11 PM: The day is still beautiful. This is the way I remember Summer days from my childhood: blue skies, big puffy clouds, delicate wispy clouds, lots of sunshine, cool breezes, and dry air. I chatted online for a while, then I mowed the lawn (total mowing time two hours and forty-five minutes). Now I plan on gearing up for what I hope is another long phone call. Yep, definitely a beautiful day!

UPDATE #2, 8:21 PM: I made my phone call, and I mowed the lawn at "my" house (I won't really think of it as my house until I've done a lot more work there, and maybe actually moved in.) The beauty of this day has been relentless. Maybe it will continue into the night, and I'll be able to put the binoculars I pulled out for Thursday's hazed-out conjunction to good use!

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Betz said...

I wish that I could get Ricky to sleep past 7am on a weekend so that he would not be too exhausted to use his new telescope!

Maybe August will be better for that as it will get darker earlier.