Monday, July 03, 2006

After the Deluge

One of the nice things about a site like NEPA Blogs, a clearinghouse of links to blogs by people who are in or from or are blogging about Northeastern Pennsylvania, is that you can see the same event as it is experienced by many different people all living in relatively close proximity to each other, or all with some intimate tie to the place where the event is happening. I was going to provide a list of links on NEPA Blogs to blogs specifically relating to the Flood of '06 (or, as I fear we shall soon be calling it, the June Flood of '06), but then I realized that the sidebar list of blogs already provided that function. Some do not mention it at all, and some cover it extensively. Check them out and see.

To get a quick taste, go to this entry on the Wilkes-Barre Online blog (not an official blog of the city of Wilkes-Barre) and check out the links from there. But be sure to check on what all of the NEPA Bloggers have to say!

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