Saturday, July 01, 2006

Noah, or Gunther?

As I laid a second coat of paint on my front steps this afternoon, I realized that I was acting somewhat like Noah Calhoun in The Notebook: a lone man on an almost obsessive quest to restore a beloved old house to its former glory. Of course, I'm not doing this alone, and Noah knew what he was doing. Now, if only I can convince someone to play the part of Allie...

I got a haircut today. My Summer haircut. Peachfuzz, plus a little bit. This is the stage I reached a week or two after I shaved my head back in 1998, halfway between Lex Luthor and Mark Renton. Coupled with the geography of my head and the bulkiness of my build, it has an almost fascist look to it, like I should be dressed in tan and brown, chin up, arms crossed across my chest, standing next to a burning pile of books. The look was nicknamed "Gunther" back in 1998.
Me, July 1, 2006
It's very cool, much cooler than the long hair I was sporting just a few hours ago, but I need to get a hat now to avoid getting sunburned on top of my head. If you see me, be sure to rub my head for luck.

1 comment:

betz said...

aye, maybe your new house will be the key to finding your allie.

odd thing, when watching the movie the thought ran thru my head that you could love like noah.

fully, and everlasting. :)

just a thought from your friend.