Thursday, July 27, 2006

Fran is back, and more Firefox problems

(This is my second attempt to post this message. My first one never showed up - maybe Blogger objected to the title - "Stupid Firefox". I've renamed it and am resending it. Maybe this will dislodge the first version, and both will appear!)

Frannie's back. She's currently listed in the "Blogs On Hiatus" section*, but as of yesterday she's resumed blogging. Go visit her and say hi!

Unfortunately, I can't get to my blog to do a proper writeup or restore her to the blog links section because Firefox keeps crashing, again and again. (I'm writing this in AOL mail, which also crashed the first time I tried to write it.) I can't even start Firefox on most of my attempts today. On my one successful start I was informed that I had just downloaded the latest and greatest version of Firefox...and then it crashed.

I know it's not just me, because my Sitemeter shows a steady stream of visitors searching on the words "Firefox keeps crashing".

Yes, I also know Firefox is free. Days like today it feels like it's worth every penny.

* This is no longer true. She's now back in the "Blog Links".

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CracK MonKeY said...

I do not understand why the programs work the way they work but I am pretty sure that they have a mind of their own.