Friday, July 21, 2006

So now I'M the jerk

Jennifer over at Jennifer D. Wade Journal (who recently slipped out of the highly-coveted and easily-accessed bottom spot on my list of blog links in the right sidebar) recounted yesterday how she accidentally became one of "them", one of those people whose dumb and/or thoughtless actions make the rest of us shake our heads in wonder at how anyone could be so dumb and/or thoughtless, and then raise our voices in gratitude that we are not the sort who would ever be so dumb and/or thoughtless.

This prompted me to confess to my own similar but completely different experience of becoming one of "them". It's a story that I would have related here, but I found too embarrassing!

We've all done it, or if you haven't, rest assured that you will. Statistically speaking, we will all eventually get to be the jerk at some point in our lives. The goal, I guess, is to not become the person who does these things full-time!

So have you done something dumb and/or thoughtless, entirely by accident, that has earned you the scorn, ridicule, or righteous indignation of total strangers? Stop on by Jennifer's Jennifer D. Wade Journal and fess up! It's good for the soul!

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