Friday, July 28, 2006

Climate change: One previously overlooked and potentially beneficial consequence

In the past few weeks I have received at least five reports of heat-related casual nudity* among the lady bloggers who are on my list of regular reads. This is something that I feel should be encouraged as a positive way of dealing with increasing temperatures without expending additional energy.

For the ladies, anyway. Gentlemen, please observe our "All gentlemen must wear pants" dress code while visiting. Ladies, feel free to wear whatever and as little as you wish during your visits. Thank you.

Recommendations for staying warm in the Winter, especially for those affected by the inevitable shutdown of the Gulf Stream current that maintains much of Northwestern Europe at acceptable temperatures, will be made at the appropriate time. If you live in the Southern Hemisphere and are currently experiencing Winter's chill, feel free to contact me to make the necessary arrangements.

*I know not all of these cases, including the linked example, are necessarily heat-related. For the purposes of this essay I am assuming they are. Shut up.

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