Friday, July 28, 2006

Hee Haw returning to television!

One of my biggest sources of hits (before I had entries linked by When Fangirls Attack! and The Anomalist) is an entry I wrote on the Hee Haw infomercial and my childhood infatuation with Cathy Baker, the "That's all!" girl from the cornfield. Obviously this was an infatuation shared by others, based on the number of hits I've received from people searching for the words "Hee Haw Cathy Baker".

The same night I wrote this entry I came across Rissy's Hee Haw Tribute Page ( Rissy is also a fellow blogger (see "Marisa's Cheatham County Rock Star's Wife", on the list of links on the sidebar) and has alerted those of us on her mailing list that CMT is about to begin rerunning classic episodes of Hee Haw starting with a Hee Haw marathon on Saturday, July 29.

If you're a Hee Haw fan, or a fan of country music, or a fan of Benny Hill-style comedy, or just remember the series fondly from your childhood, be sure to watch it, or set your VCR, DVR, or TiVo!


Gort said...

I grew up watching ridiculous shows like Hee-Haw, Green Acres and the Hillbillys. And I still enjoy them. Thanks for the heads help.

Jennifer said...

A Hee Haw marathon? Gloom, despair, and agony on me!

No, seriously, I used to watch Hee Haw all the time. Buck Owens and Roy Clark, Minnie Pearl, Gran'Pa. I loved the part where they'd pop up and down in the corn field.