Saturday, July 22, 2006

Faked out, and a lesson learned

It didn't rain much today. I probably could have mowed the lawn, if I didn't mind dying of heatstroke in the process. And I do.

I'm glad I took my car up to Jiffy Lube for an oil change. I learned am important lesson today: if your "Check Engine" light comes on, do yourself a favor and pop the hood and check the engine. It may be that an oxygen sensor is going bad or an EGR valve is clogged, which you'll never be able to figure out on your own, or it may just be that in the middle of the hottest Summer in memory, your antifreeze reservoir is empty, reducing the ability of your radiator to cool your engine! Luckily they noticed this before my car had a chance to overheat.

My sister's birthday present (part of it, anyway) started out over $36, but after using a 10% off coupon, and a $5 reward certificate, and a $25 gift certificate, the whole purchase came to a little over three dollars!

Then I spent over $180 in Sam's Club. Oh, well.

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