Saturday, July 15, 2006

On trying to finish a painting project in the rain

It's after 10:00 on Saturday morning and I still haven't gotten my butt in gear. I had hoped to start on the final, biggest part of the porch-painting project today - the porch surface itself. This will be a multi-session task, starting with the left and right edges, ending with the bits in front of the doors. It will take several days of warm, dry weather. But it is supposed to be raining lightly off and on all day today, and tomorrow, too. Not good for painting.

It is, however, good for concrete, and some of the work I am required to do by my Insurance company prior to the end of next May involves concrete. I should probably go out and get some concrete mix, and some sort of mixer, and maybe dig up my trowel.

But I am tired. Long week at work. Some conflicts, which I always find draining, because my body responds to any conflict by amping itself up to maximum, preparing me to fight or stand-and-hold*, so that plus the socially necessary act of controlling myself drain almost all available energy. (From an energy point of view it would be better to just let myself go, but from a continued-employment-and-freedom point of view that wouldn't be such a good idea.) Some emotional ups and downs in my personal life. Add in the stress of being a one-man-band when it comes to maintaining not one but two houses, and I'm feeling a bit worn out and unappreciated.

Eh. Feeling unappreciated won't actually change anything. Guess I'll just keep slogging ahead, do my best, and hope things get better soon.

And I guess I'd better get showered, dressed, and out to Home Dept or Lowe's to buy some concrete.

*Not fight-or-flight. I'm not designed for that.


Ashley said...

Sorry you feel unappreciated. Thanks again for all your help. It was a really awesome of you.

rimalicious said...

slog on brutha

D.B. Echo said...

Thank you both! Maybe I'm just being cranky. Maybe it was all the mosquito bites from mowing the lawn. But I wound up doing nothing at all today.

Betz said...

Harold, if I do not thank you enough, know that I appreciate you.
I could not do my job without you.
And your invaluable input as my friend is priceless as well. :)