Sunday, July 30, 2006

Is it fixed?

I struggled with the mozillaZine instructions for the "Standard Diagnostic" for Firefox last night and did not achieve any noticeable results, other than to cause the crash to sometimes happen in "module(UNKNOWN)" instead of in js3250.dll. But after a few hours of down-time and a reboot, Firefox started up on the first try this morning, and has not crashed in a half hour of use and a dozen pages visited.

Firefox has a lot of nice features that I really missed yesterday. I don't think I'm going to abandon it right away. Still, I wish they would drop the "Firefox is wonderful!" attitude and adopt a "Firefox is imperfect, here are the known problems and solutions" stance.

So. Yesterday. Some international chatting, more porch-painting, walked up the hill to church, walked back down the hill after church, mowed the lawn (new house), whacked the weeds (new house), tinkered with the computer, watched some of the Hee Haw marathon, made a late-night phone call. Late night phone calls are fun because if I am sufficiently tired I will begin to experience hypnagogic hallucinations. "...but what about the big green snake on the right, the hognosed one with its mouth open? Errr....."

Oh. My hits have exploded again. "Cathy Baker Hee Haw" stuff. (To the person who searched on "Camilla Hee Haw", I believe the woman's name was "Gunilla". But it sounded like "Camilla" to me.) If that woman is ever strapped for cash, she can sell autographed photos for $5 apiece and become an instant millionaire!


past forgiveness said...

no there is no chance of me staying in the military. I guess its for the best. I actually havent posted because there has been people (pro eating disorder) people going onto my site and I never wanted to encourage the illness. So I havent decided if I'm going to stop blogging or not.

past forgiveness said...

thanks for the info. I would rather be ectomorph than and endomorph or worse. My doctors here pretty much just get annoyed by my problems. After all it is the military and they don't usually deal with this type of stuff. I was seeing a nutritionist here for a while and was doing great until the lady started weighing me......she ended up doing more harm than good. I heard pedialyte is good for electrolyte embalances. I am slowly starting to tell friends what's going on with me and on this trip back home my mother is going to find out. She knows me so well and will notice the weight difference right away......I just hope she takes it ok. I'm usually not a problem for anybody. People are going to look at me differently now. I'm going to be a disappointment to her.....well thanks for listening, Ill try and check this blog out every now and for right now I'm very sick so im going to go lay down for a bit.