Thursday, August 26, 2010

Yet another blog: Hot Notes

I've been asked to create a blog that will serve as an online place where "dislocated employees" from my current workplace (which, in a few months, will include me) can easily access the information that is being provided by the Transition Team and Pennsylvania Career Link.  To make this site as accessible as possible, I've had to make it accessible to anyone, anywhere - the one drawback of this is that some of this information is specific to Pennsylvania, so it won't be universally applicable. 

Unfortunately, it hasn't started to get indexed by Google yet, so people who are searching for this information won't be able to find it.  So I'm giving this a little kick-start here.

Hot Notes

The blog is called Hot Notes, after the Transition Team's newsletter of the same name.  (The newsletter was originally going to be called "The Final Note", but that sounded  Unfortunately, that name was already taken on Blogspot by a "squatter blog," but my second choice was available -

Most of what will appear here is not my original content but is reprints of content from the Transition Team newsletter and from information sheets provided by the folks at the Scranton Career Link office.  As I have said, much of it is specific to Pennsylvania, but some will be applicable to everyone.

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