Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Off schedule

Oh, boy. I vary stuff ever so slightly, and things go kaput. I should always remember that stuff about "sensitive dependence on initial conditions."

Today was my first day back to work in a while. It may also have been my last day back to work for a while, depending on how the schedule goes. It was only six hours - sufficient to satisfy some technical requirements for maintaining benefits for the month of August, which is why everybody in my department is rotating through six-hour shifts right now. The problem is that by Monday I had almost readjusted myself to a "normal" daywalker schedule. I had gotten up at six in the morning and got to bed just after midnight. I woke up Tuesday morning at 5:30, but forced myself to keep sleeping for a few hours more. Once I was up, I had a plan: breakfast, shower, get dressed, then take my mom out to a 2:30 appointment and grocery shopping. Check out by 4:00, home and unpacked by 4:30, head to work by 5:00.

I forgot to do a blog post.

The problem is, there were two things I wanted to blog about, and I think they deserve their own blog posts. So I'll do that.

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