Friday, August 13, 2010

The Sideshow Gathering 2009 from Mitchell Klein

Received this in an e-mail today:

I was looking at your pics from last year's (2009) Inkin the Valley and Sideshow Gathering and thought you might be interested in seeing the one's I took and have on Flickr. If you want, you can use any of them just as long as credit is given (Mitchell Klein). Thanks. (626 pictures)

So, ummm, that's a lot of photos! And the sad truth is, I haven't even done my Day 3 report yet! (Nor have I finished my Stained Glass Project posts yet. Because, you know, when they're over, they're over, right? So why not stretch them out a little bit more?)

So, while I'm here being lame, do check out Mitchell Klein's AWESOME photos from the 2009 Sideshow Gathering! And then make plans to come and hang out there in Wilkes-Barre this November 5-7!

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