Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dialing it back

This break-in has made me even more paranoid than I already was.  (Though if I had been a bit more paranoid before, I would already have done all of the things I just did and am planning to do to secure the house, and the break-in would not have happened - or would have happened in a completely different way.)  A few weeks ago a blog-friend went on vacation to the beach and announced this fact very publicly on his blog and on Facebook.  At about the same time, a rash of burglaries in a local area were traced to someone who was using Facebook to determine when people were not home.  I never got around to warning him.  And then my house was robbed.

I've been pretty open with publishing details of my on-shift/off-shift schedule here, as well as other details of my life which could be very useful for someone cruising for helpful information when seeking to break into a house.  I don't think that had anything to do with my break-in, but I think I'll be stopping that practice anyway.  Maybe I'll also dial back my post-a-day routine, especially since I've been asked to work on creating a new blog to post useful information for people affected by past, present, and future cutbacks at my workplace.  Plus I'm going to be meeting with plumbers, home security installers, and other such folks during my free time, so I'll have less time for blogging - or anything else, for that matter.


hedera said...

We'll miss you. Don't forget about us entirely. But - not posting where you'll be every single day? A good idea. Posting where you were every single yesterday should be fine if you have the time.

Ms. D said...

I just moved into an apartment in a not-so-great town. Any suggestions about breakin proofing and or hiding things in a smart way to not get taken advantage of too bad? -Amy from fb

D.B. Echo said...

Amy, I don't want to get into specifics here. I'll drop you a line with my thoughts later.