Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sporadic posting ahead

My posting will be spotty at best over the next few days as I try to integrate the things that you have to do after you've been robbed with my schedule as a night shift employee.  I should have been asleep fifteen minutes ago, but I'm still up.

Fun detail about my post-robbery conversation with the police:  It only occurred to me after the fact that, in addition to being sweaty and smelly after going a day-and-a-half without a shower, and dressed in a ripped T-shirt and sweat pants, I was also sporting a lovely huge syringe mark on my left arm, along with some blue marker as a handy guide for the location of the vein - the aftermath of my blood donation the previous day. I think I may need to explain to the investigating officer that this wasn't, in fact, some junkie-on-junkie crime.

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