Monday, August 17, 2009

Writing exercises

Still can't get back into blogging just yet. The thing with Gretchen, and the fact that I'm on night four of a six-, or seven-, or even eight-night string of work, and I'm just not up to it. Then factor in that I've committed myself to writing a letter a day to a friend who will be offline for the next twenty-two days, and that I've decided that each day's letter will be in a slightly different format. Plus I still need to sleep for five hours each day.

How many different ways can you write a letter? So far I've done five things:

1. Printed text on card stock, with illustrations
2. Longhand on printer paper
3. Typed in WordPad and printed out
4. Notes written in a pocket-sized notebook during breaks at work
5. Home-made card with black-and-white illustration (by Tenniel, from Alice in Wonderland) and matching quote

Today I'm going to get fancy and turn the letter into a puzzle. I may eventually do a Jumble or a cryptogram. And once I get a new HP 17 toner cartridge for my DeskJet 842c printer, I may make cards out of some of my paintings. Maybe even use one of the postcards I bought from Whim's store!

I fear I will run out of ideas before I run out of days. Any suggestions?


MaryRuth said...

a letter made from cut out letters--like in a ransom note
a letter written in "mirror writing"
a letter from the kitties--might be messy but you could put a little tempera on their feet and let them walk on the paper

anne said...

How about a voice recording? When I was a kid, my sister and I had fun sending cassette tapes back and forth with our cousins.

Cassettes...I guess I'm showing my age.

Or, how about just random scraps of paper that show up during your day? A paper from work, a lunch bag, a receipt from something you bought that day... My hubby used to write notes to me like that. I still have them. Just make sure you number them as to what order in which they should be read. Or not, it could make it much more interesting.

Balloons? Blow up the balloon and write on it, then deflate it again and mail it to your friend.

Message in a bottle?

By the way, kudos to you for keeping the art of letter writing alive.