Wednesday, August 05, 2009

A message to Wal-Mart corporate

Dear whoever:

I know your company makes a lot of money, even when other retailers are losing money, so you must know a little bit about business. But perhaps you would consider some humble suggestions from a mere customer:

1. I understand that you find it important to keep things fresh by periodically remodeling and rearranging the store, moving nearly every item to a location where a shopper would least expect it based on past experience. And I appreciate the maps of the store that you provide on little pieces of paper, like the one that I found tossed in my cart as garbage (a cart which I selected because it had less garbage in it than any of the other carts available.) Would it perhaps be possible to post store maps throughout the store, so the hopelessly lost customers looking for...well, pretty much anything could consult these maps rather than trying to accost sales associates for directions to office supplies and light bulbs?

2. Perhaps there is a reason why you removed price scanners from the floor. Or perhaps you moved them to a location where they weren't visible to an already frustrated customer within a reasonable amount of time. Either way, I would appreciate if you put them back on the floor, especially if you're not going to post prices near products anymore.

3. This has been an ongoing problem since our new local store was built several years ago: would it be possible to put shopping cart returns in every aisle, or at least those aisles that are separated from other aisles by curbs and tree lawns? There is a reason why there are so many shopping carts littering some parts of your lot.

I would make these suggestions to the management of my local store, but I realize that they have very little control over such matters. You do.

- A frustrated customer

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