Wednesday, August 26, 2009

In the zoo

The story so far: In this house we have the cats Nicky (or Nikki), Joey, Scooter, and Babusz. We then had Bowie fall into our cellar through a basement window that had had a hole torn in the screen. We caught her brother Thor a week or two later, and caught BlueBear using a Havahart trap. I used the same trap to capture Rachel and her late sister Gretchen, the two survivors of their litter, a few days after their Mother Socks disappeared. My mom caught Peaches, the sole survivor of Tortoise's litter, a week later.

The idea was that we would sort-of "foster" the kittens here, and then as they reached young adulthood I would transfer Bowie, Thor, BlueBear, Rachel, and Gretchen to my house across town. Peaches would stay here. So my mom and I would each have five cats in our respective houses.

Then Gretchen died.

Now Rachel and Peaches have become fast friends, and it seems wrong to split them up. So they both will be staying here.

My brother's dog Trixie is also staying here while he and his family are at the shore for the next few days. You can imagine how that is going.

And now Bowie has gone missing. I saw her yesterday morning, but neither of us have seen her since before I left for work yesterday. She's probably hiding downstairs.

I hope.

UPDATE, 3:30: Found Bowie hiding downstairs, safe and sound, right before I went to bed. She's currently hanging out with Rachel.

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