Monday, August 10, 2009

One day week

I'm only working one day this "week." Sorta. Kinda.

My last rotation was a string of six days following a string of five days, with two days off in between. I had worked a regular four-day rotation, followed by a day of overtime, then two days off, then one day of overtime, then another rotation, then another day of overtime on Monday. I had also signed up for overtime on Thursday, but I was pretty low on the list for that day and wasn't needed. Then I had a wedding to go to in New Jersey on Saturday, so I had to take Friday night and Saturday night off. I also took Sunday night off, just in case I decided to stay in New Jersey after the reception. I didn't, so I took yesterday as a play day. (Sort of. I went out shopping for stuff that I needed and blew a ton of cash.)

Tonight is technically the last day of my rotation. I called in on Saturday night (actually, 3:00 AM Sunday morning - once on night shift, your body tends to stay on night shift) to get on the overtime lists for this coming Friday (first choice) and Thursday (second choice) - both if possible. I did this because otherwise I might get mandated for any of the four nights from Tuesday through Friday - and I have to take my mom for a procedure Tuesday morning, and I prefer to work consecutive nights.

I don't know if I'll get these overtime nights. Right now our overtime needs are pretty heavy, but that can change in a minute. I still have a few days off - I may start to combine these with overtime days to maximize the size of my weekly paychecks. These adopted stray cats aren't free, you know. And maybe, just maybe, if I keep up this pace I'll be able to get all my credit card balances back to zero in time for Christmas shopping!


pamagic912 said...

It would be much more cost effective to just denounce Christ and avoid Christmas presents.

D.B. Echo said...

But I thought buying Christmas presents was a way of renouncing Christ. I'm so confused. I need to turn to Bill O'Reilly and Rush Drugbaugh for guidance here.