Tuesday, August 25, 2009

So much to write...

...but too tired to even remember what I had to say. Some bits:

I'll probably be working Thursday and Sunday nights. That gives me Friday and Saturday to do everything else I need to do.

Is Michael Jackson's personal physician in deep doo-doo? Not necessarily. Off-label prescribing of medications that have been approved for other uses is fairly common. But it will be nice if this is the beginning of the end of the "Dr. Feelgood" era of celebrity personal physicians.

Bloggers are crazysexycool. By posting their thoughts in public, they are not only risking attacks from random trolls but also face retaliation from their employers.

Anyway. I'm sure there's more. But I must get to sleep now.

UPDATE, 3:00 PM: The British Texting-While-Driving PSA. Effective? Overkill? Too Graphic? Too tedious? Overlong? And what does it tell us about the tiny tin cans that are being driven in this ad? I drive a 1996 Toyota Tercel, a subcompact, one of the smallest cars in the U.S. this side of a SMART Car. When I went to Ireland, I noticed that a) my car would not be considered a small car over there, and b) even though the cars I was in were smaller than my Tercel, they also had a lot more room inside - we were able to easily fit my luggage where it was a hassle in my Tercel. Why? Where did that extra room come from? Is there less safety structure built into these cars?

Anyone who texts while driving should have their license taken away. And their car. And their phone. And their hands. But I doubt anyone stupid enough to do this will really have an epiphany after seeing this ad.

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hedera said...

Damn straight they should lose their license. This is SO stupid....