Monday, August 03, 2009

Rain, rain, stay away

I've only watered my gardens two or three times since I planted them. For the most part, natural rainfall has been more than sufficient to provide my tomatoes, carrots, radishes, sunflowers, and blueberries all the water that they need.

Of course, it rained yesterday for the Pennsylvania 500. It's not a NASCAR race at Pocono Raceway without torrential rains. Like the Bloomsburg Fair, this event should be rescheduled to a time of the year when there's traditionally a drought. This way, either it won't rain, and the event can be held as planned, or it will rain, and the Pennsylvania farmers and others who depend of the rain for their livelihoods will get the rain they need.

The race (and I only mention this because of the connection to the weather, and not because I am a fan of NASCAR, which I am not) has been rescheduled to today, and the weather looks absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately, I am scheduled to work my sixth and last consecutive night tonight, so I need to get to bed soon. Sometime tomorrow I am supposed to meet a friend and her daughter for lunch and perhaps a trip to the zoo or a movie. Let's hope the weather holds!

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Todd HellsKitchen said...

Enjoy, the lunch, and the zoo or a movie today!! The tree beds here are overflowing with blooming flowers this year cuz of the rain... Last year they were all shriveled twiglets of ugliness... (You may quote me!)