Friday, August 28, 2009

Forced vacation

As I came home from work and Cracker Barrel and shopping this morning, the rain made it pretty obvious that I wouldn't be mowing the lawn today.

So I slept.

I woke up at 7:20 to see dim light coming through the window. But which 7:20? I turned on the TV to get a clue. Several movies and baseball games made it seem more likely that it was 7:20 in the evening than 7:20 in the morning. Also, the light was getting progressively dimmer outside.

So: weather permitting, I will have to mow both lawns tomorrow. I go back to work on Sunday, unless my overtime is cancelled, and that will begin a string of five, or six, or maybe seven consecutive work days. (Five days = 70 hours of pay for 60 hours of work; Six days = 88 hours of pay for 72 hours of work; Seven days = 106 hours of pay for 84 hours of work.)

If I don't get both lawns mowed tomorrow due to rain, I will have to pray for rain for the entire week. Otherwise I will have to use some of my hard-earned cash to hire someone to mow one or both lawns.

My brother's dog has gone home, so at least I'm getting to see the cats a bit on my days off - they mostly hid while Trixie was here.


joy said...


Isn't that the weirdest disoriented feeling when working night shift? Waking up & not being sure whether it's morning or evening. Certain times of the year, it's really hard to tell (esp if you have good room-darkening blinds/curtains). And I'm sure, with your schedule, that you've had times when you awaken & don't even remember what DAY it is, eh?

D.B. Echo said...

Joy, it's even worse than that. I received a hit on my site a few weeks ago for the Life in Hell Calendar. This made me wonder if the new one was out already. I checked Amazon and they had one copy left. I ordered it immediately - and as soon as my order was processed, it occurred to me to wonder if I had gotten the YEAR right. (Fortunately, I did.)

I can't wait to be done with lawn-mowing season. Then my days off will be a little less scheduled.

David Yonki said...

when i worked at wvia fm in the 70s they gave me an all night show. so i went to work at 10pm and went home at 6am. it was tough to sleep during the day. and sometimes i'd only get an hour or two. but then i'd sleep right through and wake up, like you did to a night time baseball game instead of, at the time the noon news.

David Yonki said...

in the 70s i worked aT WVIA FM doing a show called Music All Night. My shift was 10pm to 6am and when i tried to sleep, some days i only got a few hours. more than a few times i woke to a night time baseball game rather than the noon news.