Tuesday, August 11, 2009


1. I found out at the end of my work night that twenty of my co-workers (including old friends and at least one former boss) were having their jobs eliminated.

2. Came home at 7:00 AM and dozed lightly because I had to take my mom for a procedure at 11:00 AM (leaving the house around 10:15 AM.)

3. Saw, live on CNN as it happened. some of the raving lunatics verbally assaulting Arlen Specter, President Obama (who wasn't there) and anyone who would dare characterize them as a "mob" at the shouting contest that these mobs turned Specter's Town Hall Meeting (and every other Town Hall Meeting) into. Let's hope people are smart enough to see this as what it is: an orchestrated campaign of manufactured rage and fear fueled by endless repetitions of lies by individuals and groups dedicated to maintaining the status quo. Many of these people are very close to engaging in physical violence and/or having strokes. Let's hope that doesn't happen - and if it does, let's hope it can be dealt with quickly.

4. After several more adventures came back with my mom sometime around 3:00.

5. Slept until 5:30 PM.

6. Got up to meet some friends at an Indian restaurant at 6:30 PM.

7. Got home sometime after 9:00 PM.

8. Need to mow both lawns tomorrow, then may or may not have to work overtime Thursday and Friday.

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