Thursday, August 27, 2009

Five down, one to go

I started this string of workdays with overtime on Saturday, and I'll finish it with overtime tonight. Then I have Friday and Saturday off to mow the lawns and get my oil changed and maybe even get my tires rotated, and then it's back again for overtime on Sunday - assuming it isn't cancelled.

I am scheduled to work next Monday through Thursday. I may put in for overtime next Friday and Saturday. Seven-in-a-row is something I haven't done before, and the financial rewards would be significant - almost significant enough to pay off my school taxes.

(For the record, this would be 84 hours worked, with everything after the first 40 paid at time-and-a-half. So it would be 40 hours + 44 hours + 22 hours = 106 hours of pay.)

I am currently somewhat tired.

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SeattleDan said...

Just remember that all work and no play make DB a tired man! Get some rest there!