Tuesday, May 30, 2006

To-do list part 2: Must do within 1 year

In addition to the list of things the insurance company wants repaired in the next 30 days - all projects that I will be paying someone else to take care of - there's also a list of things they want me to deal with within the next year. The garage I've already mentioned, and I don't think they included the front storm doors on the list, but I'll be replacing them anyway. Here are the other items. Wrought-iron fence: clean and repaint. This fence is at least 80 years old, possibly older. The last time I know it was painted was back in the Summer of 1979 when my brother and I painted it. (I remember that while I was working on it I was also eagerly awaiting my long-delayed Boba Fett action figure mail-in offer.) It may have been repainted once or twice since then.

Railings: repaint. The steps and porch really need to be repainted, and are in fact several years overdue. But first the porch needs to have its broken boards replaced.

Retaining wall under grapevine: repair. Yep, I'll be getting quite a bit of concrete experience this summer. This wall is as wide as the house, but is in sections.
Walkway between grapevine and house: repair. They call this a trip hazard, I call it character and charm. But, again, this will be a good, low-consequence project for trying out concrete-working techniques. Or I may just dig out the weeds, grass, and moss, clear away any loose bits of broken concrete, sweep in sand, and call it an old-world cobblestone-style walk.

I've got my Certified Check. I'm ready to go.

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