Wednesday, May 17, 2006

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I've been hanging out at Adam Felber's Fanatical Apathy ever since around the time of that great national catastrophe, the 2004 Presidential Election. I found his site in a fairly odd manner: I was searching the internet for pictures of Sue Ellicott, who frequently appears on NPR's weekly news game show Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me, as does Adam Felber. (I don't think the photos I found, which were from somebody's wedding - possibly Adam's! - are still on Adam's site.) After posts like Concession Speech and Group Activity: Headlines From the 2nd Term I was hooked. I was also immediately an enthusiastic and frequent commenter, and quickly became a member of a group of regular commenters on his site. Unfortunately, all of the comments from the two posts I mentioned, as well as comments for many other posts from this long-ago time, have been wiped out and replaced with trackbacks. Fortunately, Concession Speech and Headlines were both wildly popular and were copied and forwarded all over the Internet, frequently with the current set of comments attached. So those comments are still out there, somewhere.

Adam has been working on his first novel for some time now, and the release date for Schrödinger’s Ball is finally almost here. For some early reviews, a link to the Amazon page for the book that features a lengthy excerpt, and a "complete the excerpt" game check out this post. Adam announced the opening of the website dedicated to Schrödinger’s Ball today, and you can visit the website itself here. You can also pre-order the book (which has a release date of August 16) by clicking on the link from either Fanatical Apathy or the Schrödinger’s Ball site.

Buying a book by a writer whose blog you visit regularly who you first heard of as a regular guest on an NPR radio game show isn't enough? Fine. Break down the fifth (or is it sixth?) wall and come to Felberpalooza, September 2-4 (Labor Day weekend) in lovely south central Pennsylvania on the grounds of Grouseland. Meet other fans of Adam Felber face-to-face, and possibly (maybe, we hope, we hope) meet the guest of honor himself (if he can squeeze it into his schedule just two weeks after the release of his book), Adam Felber!

If you're not a fan of Adam Felber yet, there's still time - visit Fanatical Apathy, listen to Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me, buy Schrödinger’s Ball, and then join the rest of us at Felberpalooza!

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