Thursday, May 25, 2006

Grand Opening, Coming Soon!

Royal Highness buds, May 25, 2006

I can usually count on my first flush of roses the first week of June. It looks like my Royal Highness may jump the gun by a few days!

I really love this bush - it is incrediby easy to work with, and is extremely rewarding. We also have several Blaze rosebushes (a fairly common red rosebush with masses of flowers) dotted around our house. These are daughter bushes from the long-removed Blaze rosebush which was in front of my grandmother's house. My aunt has grapevines that are daughters grown from cuttings taken from the vines which once shaded the west side of my grandmother's house, grapevines that are no longer there. My aunt also has raspberries that followed the same path. It will be appropriate next season when cuttings from all of these plants find themselves coming full circle as part of my program to restore what is soon to be my new house to a functional replica of the house where I spent so many happy days of my youth.