Sunday, May 14, 2006

Scranton from the fifth floor of Brennan Hall

Scranton, looking North
from the fifth floor of Brennan Hall
Elm Park Church
Some photos I took from the fifth floor of Brennan Hall. This building really has a beautiful view, and I know that the new library ("new" = "built since I graduated", so "new" may mean up to sixteen years old, since I graduated seventeen years ago this month) also has some remarkable views. That seems to be one of the guiding principles in the new construction, and something that was lacking in the older buildings. Or perhaps the older buildings had beautiful views but they were obscured by subsequent construction. But, on second thought, both the Weinberg Library and Brennan Hall have great open balconies that give views well above the treetops and rooflines of their surroundings, a design feature that was absent on older buildings.

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Betz said...

Sometimes I forget how beautiful Scranton is in places. Altho I haven't lived there in over a dozen years, it will always be home to me, and I still feel more comfortable there than anywhere. :)
Oh, great pics, all 'round!