Sunday, May 21, 2006

Ashley on Basement Flooding

If you know me or have been a regular reader since January of 2005, you know that I've had to deal with basement flooding several times. (See here for an account of flooding in January 2005, and here for a flood situation in March 2005, on the day the Pope died.) Aspiring comic-book writer Ashley from Ink On Paper has written an excellent, informative, and thorough article for Associated Content called "What to Do About Basement Flooding: Keeping Ahead of Water Filled Basements". It covers pretty much every lesson I've ever learned through hard experience - experience I could have mostly avoided if I had read Ashley's article beforehand! (I have some friends in Maryland who would've found the article helpful two weeks ago, as would have many, many people in the New England area this past week.) Please check it out and give Ashley some feedback!

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Ashley said...

I just wanted to say thanks again for the links, for reading my blog and for the comments.
Everytime I update on my blog I also check out a new blog and leave a comment.
I do it for the hope of new readers and so others know someone is reading.
Anyway my efforts don't seem to do much because very few have commented back and even less have continued to read(or at least comment so I know they are reading).
Thanks for being my blog friend!