Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Link maintenance

I've made some additions and changes to the links on my sidebar. Nothing major, no deletions, but a few additions and a streamlining of the layout of the links for added convenience.

My convenience, that is. Remember, these sidebar links are there (for the most part) because these are sites that I visit regularly.* So the latest changes were mainly about segregating those site links (that is, non-blog links) that I find myself using or referencing frequently.

I've created a new group called "Semi-daily visits". It includes these sites:
These are sites that I find myself visiting on a regular basis, some as often as every day. By separating them out from the "Other site links" I've made them more convenient and accessible for me. Tis is not to say that the rest of the "Other site links" aren't also useful and interesting; it's just that I don't visit them as often.

I'll be making more changes as time goes on, but that's it for now!

*Two of the links are there by special request, but I visit these sites once in a while, too.

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