Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Stephen Colbert at the White House Correspondents Dinner

If you didn't happen to be watching C-SPAN Saturday night, you might have missed Stephen Colbert at the White House Correspondents Dinner. Daily Kos has a transcript of his remarks. He was devastatingly funny - or just devastating, depending on your point of view. You can expect next year's speakers to be a little more carefully vetted.

Be sure to catch The Colbert Report weeknights on Comedy Central at 11:30 PM, with reruns at 8:30 PM the next night. See him now, before he turns up face-down in a bathtub somewhere.

Note: This entry originally contained a typo in the title. Since I have received several hits for the word corresondents, I have decided to include this typo in the body of the post while correcting it in the title.

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rimalicious said...

I LOVE that show!