Friday, May 05, 2006

House update

I just signed a big pile of disclosure forms yesterday to get the ball rolling on the purchase of my grandmother's house. Closing was originally projected for May 15, but it looks like a more realistic date is May 31.

Now I have to start lining up an electrical contractor (I want to completely replace the electrical system) and a general contractor (repair a plaster ceiling, replace the front porch, do a few other jobs that are beyond my abilities). Need to get paint, too, lots of paint. I already have much of the furniture and furnishings - some of the stuff, like a kitchen table with matching chairs, a set of cooking pots, and a set of cast-iron skillets, I bought more than ten years ago. Oh, and bookcases...I'll need lots and lots of bookcases. Including at least one barrister bookcase for the kitchen.

This will be an interesting summer.


Gort said...

I've been a home owner for a long time. It's great that no one can tell you what to do but when you have a leak you can't pick up the phone and tell the landlord about it.

Betz said...

Harold, since the husband cannot defend himself I shall volunteer him to help with painting.....;)
All kidding aside, let us know if we can help.
P.S. I enjoyed catching up on your blogs.