Monday, November 01, 2010


I should be asleep right now.  I'd like to make a persuasive argument for getting everyone out there to vote tomorrow, but honestly, I don't have time.

I will say this:  If you are disappointed with the pace at which things have been taking place in the past twenty months, am I.  So is everyone, I think.  Well, almost everyone.

The thing that you have to ask is:  who is responsible for the sluggish pace?  The answer is:  Congressional Republicans.  They have acted as the agents of the party of delay and deny, the party of "No."  They have set out to make every step of President Obama's plans as slow and difficult as possible, and they have succeeded spectacularly - much to the detriment of our nation.

We haven't seen economic recovery, not at the rate we would like.  But who would that benefit, anyway?  Besides you and me, I mean.  Who would economic recovery benefit politically?  The answer to that is:  the incumbents, the Democrats, and the Obama administration.  So, naturally, Congressional Republicans have done everything possible to keep this from happening.

They are the ones responsible for the sluggish pace at which things have been happening.  And if they win big tomorrow, their plans are clear:  the intend to push the big lever from "SLOW" to "STOP," shutting down the government in a state of gridlock - and then pushing it to "REVERSE."  Rolling back everything that has been accomplished in the last twenty months.  Undoing everything that we elected Barack Obama to get done.

And that's just what they'll do, if you let them.

Vote tomorrow.  It's more important than you realize.

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