Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Overheard at the Sideshow Gathering 2010

As Steve Hyde and Melanie did their death-defying Bag of Death escape on day 3 of the Sideshow Gathering, I overheard a conversation between a woman and a man sitting behind me.

Person 1:  "...and so I ordered ten pizzas for the party and...oh my gosh, that guy is totally trapped in that plastic bag, he's gonna suffocate.  I would never want to suffocate.  Or drown.  I don't want to drown.  Anything that involves not breathing.  I would rather be hit by a car.  Or shot.  Or beaten to death.  Anything but suffocating, or drowning."

Person 2:  "If you get beaten to death, you might drown in your own blood."

Person 1:  "Oh my gosh, no, I wouldn't want that.  I would want them to beat me in the head so I was unconscious when I died.  Anything but suffocating or drowning."

(For the record, Steve Hyde did not die during this escape.)

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