Saturday, November 20, 2010

And still more

I saw a sign in a hospital once that said something like "Your cold will be gone within seven days if you get prompt medical attention, but may last up to a week if left untreated."  In other words:  Please don't go to the Emergency Room with every cough, sniffle, or sore throat.

Then again, I once had a cough that didn't get better in that time, and in fact got worse, until it developed into full-fledged bronchitis.  That wasn't fun, and needed some pretty powerful antibiotics.

Still not better.  The NyQuil helped me sleep, though it gave me odd dreams, or more specifically, odd dreamscapes - a starkly lit version of the Wyoming Valley, but all black and white and gray, with clouds of steam rolling off the mountains.  But I woke up in the morning with a throat that felt worse than ever.  My nose is still running, and I continued with the productive cough (i.e. hacking up gobs of phlegm) from time to time.

Chloraseptic lozenges seem to help the most, more than Cepacol.  Just a note for the future.  I wonder how long these things will keep?

I had plans for today.  Rake the leaves, prune my grapevines, do stuff with my furnace and chimney, go to the comic book store, maybe meet someone n person for the first time. 

None of that happened.  Instead I slept from about 2:30 to about 8:00, got up. went back to bed until 11:00, got up, went back to bed until 2:00.  I've actually talked to several friends today, friends I haven't talked to in months, though talking was very painful.  I didn't do much else of consequence, other than upload some more photos from the 2010 Ssideshow Gathering to Facebook.  They'll eventually find their way here, too.

Tomorrow night I am third on the list for overtime.  If I get it, I think I'll have to call off.  I'm scheduled back to work on Monday night and I might just call off then.  We'll see.

I hope I get over this soon, and it doesn't develop into something worse.

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