Sunday, October 31, 2010

Onorato: for the water

If there's one local race where I'm seeing people voting the issues rather than the party, it's the Pennsylvania gubernatorial race.

The choice is simple:  Tom Corbett has received massive contributions from natural gas businesses, and has taken a stand against a "severance tax" - a tax paid by drillers on extracted natural gas.  Taxes are bad, right?  In this case, the tax would help finance the inevitable repairs to environmental damage necessitated by drilling activities. Without that tax...well, the scars from this area's coal mining days still cover the state.  Neither the coal industry nor the respective state or federal agencies have taken any significant action in the past few decades to get the remnants of the coal industry, the culm banks and polluted streams and creeks and the rest of the residual mess cleaned up.

Onorato...does not.

More coherent argument here:


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