Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day

Once upon a time this day used to be a holiday, a day set aside - in the United States, at least - to recognize and honor our veterans.  In theory, anyway.

But that was long ago.  Gradually Veterans Day fell off the holiday calendars of most businesses until now it is strictly a Federal holiday - a day that employees of the federal government observe, but pretty much no one else.

I got to thinking about Veterans Day parades.  On or around this day, and on or around Memorial Day, some communities still have parades in which veterans squeeze into dress uniforms and march through town.  I remember a vet I knew years back who complained about what a pain in the butt this was:  he was old, he was tired, he was sore, and the last thing he felt like doing on a day intended to honor his years of service was go on a forced march.

So wouldn't it make sense to turn this around?  Maybe set up a grandstand where veterans can sit in warmth and comfort, while all the people of the town march past them and show them some appreciation?

For everyone who has made a promise to serve their country, and kept it, and for everyone who found himself drafted into service, and served honorably:  Thank you. 

And more than just thanks.  Let's make sure even in these tough economic times, our nation keeps its promise to them.

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Don Williams said...


Thanks for taking the time to recognize and therefore honor our vets on Veterans Day.