Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Backing off, again

Well, after a month with an almost-perfect daily record of blog posting, I think I'm going to be backing off again.

I've got some stuff going on.  Most immediately is the notice that arrived the other day informing me that my homeowner's insurance was being cancelled.  This came with a little notice that I could appeal this cancellation by asking for a review by the state, but the request had to be made within ten days.  Within ten days of what, I'm not sure.  The notice was issued and mailed last Tuesday, which would reasonably have had it delivered by last Thursday - which just happened to be Thanksgiving, a day without mail delivery.  So we lose one day there.  Lose more days for holiday visiting with family and friends, so I didn't even see the notice until Sunday.  Filled out the appeal form yesterday and mailed it this morning.

I've called the insurer to see if we can get this reversed.  I spoke to someone in their President's office, who told me I would have to take it up with my agent; I contacted the agent, who told me I would have to follow the instructions from the President's office.  Typical runaround.  The agent told me to get back to them on Wednesday, which happens to be a work day.  I work all night and sleep during the day.  I'll have very limited windows in the morning and the afternoon in which I can get this taken care of, if I can get it taken care of at all.  If not, then I get to use more of these very limited windows to try to secure other insurance before December 27, which is when my insurance is due to be cancelled.  If I don't get homeowner's insurance before then, I suppose I'll be getting contacted by my mortgage holder...which is, coincidentally, an insurance company.  I wonder if I can get insurance through them?

Let's review:  In August, while I was off donating blood and making chicken soup for my sick, elderly mother, someone broke into the side of my double-block house that I use for storage and cut out all the copper pipes.  I quickly replaced the window they broke to gain entrance, then reinforced all the entrances with alarms and locks and other means.  After a visit from an insurance adjuster to assess the damage, I had a monitored security system installed on both sides of the house at considerable expense.  My current plans include tying the electrical and water utilities on both sides of the house together, which will cost rather a lot of money. 

And now I've been informed that my homeowner's insurance is being cancelled.

The estimated recycling value of the stolen copper pipe is about $60.  It's like being victimized over and over again by the same crime...most recently by my insurance provider.

And that's just one of the things I've got going on right now.  So, please excuse me if I miss a day of blogging here and there.  


Jason said...

man, that sucks. sorry to hear it pal. Nanticoke just ain't what it used to be, eh? Sad.

Betz said...

Har, I'm so sorry to hear of your mis fortune! POOPIE

Todd HellsKitchen said...

December is a rough month... Blogging on hold. Facebook bye bye... I know!!

frackmountain said...

Best of fortune to you. You have a good heart, the universe will turn something round your way...