Sunday, November 21, 2010

Even more from the 2010 Sideshow Gathering

I had originally planned to repost all of YouTube user hotrodchrissy1968's videos from this year's Sideshow Gathering here.  But there are just so many of them - I think she's up to at least seventeen of them at the moment.  Click here to see all the videos she has uploaded so far.

One great video isn't, for the most part, a performance.  It's "the fully functional Danny Borneo"'s rant during the Olde City Sideshow's performance on the third day, in which he recaps (in his own special way) "all of our opening acts", including performances by Harley Newman and The Magic of Steve Hyde and Melanie.  Also featuring Reggie Bügmuncher and the first (and last) on-stage appearance of Thrill Kill Gill!

Another must-see is the performance of the Cheeky Monkey Sideshow's resident conjoined twins, the Darwin Sisters!  See as they persevere like the troupers they are in the face of digital audio glitches!  Watch as they perform the dreaded double balloon swallow!

Be sure to check out all of hotodchrissy1968's videos!

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Ballyhoo Betty said...

Excellent selection of videos. Thanks for pointing out hotrodchrissy1968's youtube channel! I am so sad I could not make it to the gathering this year. At least I have videos to help me cope.