Tuesday, November 02, 2010




Oh, and you Democrats?  I hear you're a bunch of spineless yellow-bellied lily-livered fair-weather voters who have given up on the mid-term elections and are content to sit at home and cry into your venti  half-skim soy lattes.  Have I heard that right? Maybe you want to prove to me that that's a load of hogwash?


Aunt Sam said...

I did. And that's a venti triple nonfat sugar-free hazelnut latte, s'il vous plait.

Also, the visual verification thingy isn't working--had to use the aural option.

Anonymous said...

Hi DB. Your friend Bill here. What's funny is the Pat Toomey ad on your page ... gotta love Google ads.

Seriously, though, best of luck today. Just remember that no matter what happens, the Dems will have enough control of the Senate to prevent overriding of vetoes. That doesn't make me happy, but it should give you some comfort.

And I have no idea what will happen today ...

Anonymous said...

I voted. Joy will vote after work to cancel out my vote.

D.B. Echo said...

By the way, that last paragraph works best if you read it in Sam Elliott's voice.