Monday, November 15, 2010

Power shopping

Our local supermarket has been running a promotion:  spend so much over a certain period of time, and get such-and-such a discount on one shopping trip in the weeks before Thanksgiving.  My mom and I managed to structure our shopping so she will get the maximum discount, 20%.  If she makes her purchases on a Tuesday, she will get an additional 5% off. 

To make the most of these savings, she will need me to come along as assistant shopper and heavy-load lifter.  Unfortunately, Tuesday is tomorrow, and I'm working.

We've come up with a work-around.

It takes me about forty-five minutes to get from work to home.  Factoring in the time it takes me to get to my car and get on the road, I'm usually home at 7:00 or just before.  If I call my mom as I'm leaving work, she should be up and ready to head out by the time I get home.  Then we will probably take two cars and head straight down to the grocery store.  Armed with two carts and two lists, I will get the heavy items and she will get the lighter things.  The lists include staples and necessities and things that will be needed for Thanksgiving (like cranberries) and Christmas (like chocolate chips), but I intend to also pick up a few things that we don't need right away, but that we will be using eventually.  Hey, 25% off is 25% off.

I've allocated two hours for this expedition.  I want to be checked out, loaded, and on the way home by 9:00 in the morning.  Bulky freezables that we won't need right away (like cod) I will take to my house for storage.  Perishables and immediate-use things we will unload into my mom's house.  Everything else can sit in her car until I damned well get to it.  I do need to get a few hours of sleep each day, after all.

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