Sunday, November 28, 2010

Adding injury to injury

As I may have mentioned once or twice, I've been sick lately.  And working, a lot.  Working especially a lot since my house was robbed a few months ago.  Because my house was robbed, since I need the extra money now for specific things like the insurance deductible and the security system I had installed.  Which is particularly ironic, since all the extra time I'm working means that I'm able to spend even less time at my house now than I could before the robbery.

Today I stopped over the house to change the decorations from Autumn to Christmas, and to plug in the Christmas tree.  The tree is on a timer, so the lights turn on each afternoon, off each night, and then on again for a brief period in the morning.  I like coming home to find the Christmas lights on, and I do stop over the house for a few hours every morning after work.

I also checked the mail, and found a cancellation notice for my homeowner's insurance.  Effective December 27th.


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