Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sick, November 2010 edition

I'm sick.  I think.  It's been so long since I've been sick, I'm not really sure.

Yesterday I felt pretty awful.  Worn out.  Light-headed.  Woozy.  Thought that was all just normal stuff, especially after the big huge grocery shopping trip yesterday morning.

But then the specific symptoms started while I was at work.  Burning eyes.  Itching sinuses.  Running nose.  Coughing.  Increased skin sensitivity.  And a sore throat that started at the base of my sinuses and gradually worked its way down my throat.

Now I have the Barry White voice and a sore throat.  I don't feel especially rotten.  I probably shouldn't go in to work tonight, but if I take a sick day instead of working, I'll lose four hours of overtime pay.  Four hours of pay.  I can't afford that.

I'm isolated enough that I probably shouldn't expose too many other people to whatever this is.  And we'll see how I feel for the trip down to the vet's in Allentown tomorrow morning.

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