Sunday, October 04, 2009

Sunday mornings on the radio

Most mornings after work I drive home listening to Morning Edition on WVIA-FM, the local NPR affiliate. It's a good way of getting a dose of the news, and one of the big advantages over working day shift. On night shift I can listen to All Things Considered on the way in and Morning Edition on the way home. When I was working days my morning commute took place before Morning Edition was on the air, and I didn't get out of work until All Things Considered was over.

On Sunday mornings, like on Saturdays, there is no Morning Edition to be heard, and Weekend Edition doesn't begin until after my commute is over. A few months ago I found myself scanning through my presets on a Sunday morning, looking for something other than the religious programs and local interview shows that dot the radio spectrum at this time of the day on this day of the week. And I found...something.

The website for Euranet, the European Radio Network, describes their mission in this way: "The European radio network, Euranet, keeps you informed about what is happening on the continent from a pan-European perspective. Radio programmes in eight languages link major European broadcasters to create a unique listener community. " Listening to this show, even for just a few minutes, gives you an interesting perspective on what is considered the best of radio news from throughout Europe.

If you're interested, give the show a listen. This week's program is posted on their web site,

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