Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween tally 2009

170 Trick-Or-Treaters. Only a single trio of asshole bastards among them.

I went through most of the thirty-two pounds of candy.

The little kids - infants and toddlers - genuinely appreciated the Animal Crackers, or "Hannibal Cookies" as one excited little girl shouted to her parents.

I would have had more, but some groups of kids walked by without stopping for candy. There weren't many houses on my street giving out candy. Actually, a disturbing number of the houses appear to be unoccupied. Anybody want to move to Nanticoke? Plenty of housing units ready to move...


Ashley said...

This year I'm back living in the same neighborhood I've lived in twice before. At one house I'd get well over 100 kids and at the other I would get around 30. This new house is midway between those two houses but the first house was on the main road and the second house and this house are on side streets so I figured I'd get more like 30.
I ended up with about 70. On this side street I had more neighbors with lights on. The one acrossed from me ran out of candy too.
I guess I'll know for next year.

hedera said...

We give out packets of Swiss Miss hot chocolate mix. The kids seem to like it, and anything we don't give out goes into the larder for the next wilderness backpacking trip. (Jim's; I don't backpack.) Based on one packet per kid except for the first box where I gave doubles, I estimate we had about 40 come by.

I had one pair of adolescent guys where the younger one (maybe 13 or 14) took the packet and the older one (maybe 16) said, "Nah - I'm too old." I said firmly, "No one's too old for hot chocolate," and he said, "Oh, okay," and took one.