Monday, October 12, 2009


Blah. I want to catch up with everybody's posts, but I want to get to sleep soon. I want to eat eggs. I think I can manage that one.

I signed up for one day of overtime this week, on Wednesday, and I didn't get mandated for a second day. I kinda hope I don't get called off - I could use the extra money.

So now it looks like my days off will be Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I'll take my mom out one of those days, probably to the outlet mall in Tannersville. The leaves should be very nice down thataway.

I'd like to go to a haunted house this year. I haven't been to one since college. One of the guides there was a friend who died last year - I can still hear her shouting "Step lively!" in a fake British accent. Another friend was one of the exhibits - she was strung up in a harness that allowed her to be executed by hanging for each tour group.

I should get to bed soon. But first I need to cook some eggs.

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