Thursday, October 15, 2009

Just for the record: Snow on October 15, 2009

Yeah. I like to note the dates of the first and last traces of snow each year. Turns out the first snow is today.

Good thing we went out on our little trip yesterday. Today many of those roads in the higher elevations have more than a little snow on them, and I don't feel much like dealing with it, or with other drivers who have forgotten how to drive in snow.

Traditionally, before any snowstorm the residents of Northeastern Pennsylvania hit the supermarkets and buy up all the milk, eggs, and bread. To honor that tradition, I had French Toast for breakfast this morning.

Looks like I won't be cutting the grass on these days off!

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Gort said...

You forgot that toilet paper is also part of the pre-snow storm shopping spree. I won't tell you what I did to honor that tradition.