Thursday, October 22, 2009

Overtime again

When you work on a 4x4 shift, your regularly scheduled pay weeks follow a pattern: four four-day weeks followed by four three-day weeks. It's just the way the mathematics of cramming an eight-day work "week" into a traditional seven day calendar week.

Lately I've been working strings of five- and six-day work weeks. The hours are rough, but the pay makes up for it. A bit.

I did not get tapped for overtime for either of the last two weeks. These happened to be three-day pay weeks. This week was the first in a string of four four-day weeks.

And I managed to get overtime! Both tonight and tomorrow night. In comparison to the last two weeks, I will be raking in the dough.

But first, I need to get to bed, so I can get up again in a few hours.

Good night!

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